GCSE English

Colon Answers

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Here are our attempts at sentences using a colon to separate the extra detail we gave from the basic remark.

  1. Discuss the weather today. It's hot. The sky is clear. There's no wind.
    It's really hot today: the blazing sun, cloudless skies and lack of wind make it unbearable.
  2. Describe a Yule Log made of chocolate, cream, sponge and jam.
    The Yule Log was really rich: thick chocolate coating on a dark-chocolate sponge filled with sticky jam and whipped cream.
  3. Write something about how a marathon winner feels at the end. Tired. Hot. Sweaty. Relieved.
    At the end of the race, Laura was exhausted: her legs were on fire, she was dripping in sweat but overjoyed to have won.

Notice how we used a metaphor in the last example. Like the Yule Log ingredients, we like adding richness!

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