GCSE German

Speaking - Your Town

So much fun to have!

It's also likely you'll be asked what you can do in your town.

You probably know that "man kann..." means "one can..." which sounds terribly posh and a bit awkward in English, doesn't it?
Don't worry - it is very normal language in German!

After "man kann..." the second verb is an infinitive and goes to the end of the sentence:

Man kann      eine Stadttour      machen.
(You can go on a tour of the town.)

Man kann      den Dom      besichtigen.
(You can visit the cathedral.)

Man kann      einkaufen      gehen.
(You can go shopping.)

If you really fancy showing off, you could combine
es gibt... and man kann... like this:

Es gibt viele Geschäfte, wo man Kleider oder Andenken kaufen kann.
(There are lots of shops where you can buy clothes or souvenirs.)

Right - that's more than enough to do a good job describing your town, but what about including some tenses to really liven things up?

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