GCSE Physics

Generating Electricity

The movement of a bar magnet into a wire coil attached to an ammeter is one of Englishman Michael Faraday's famous demonstrations. Here are the basic observations:
Coil and ammeter with magnet moving into it, showing current being produced in a positive direction.Here the magnet is being pushed into the coil.

The ammeter shows current induced in a positive direction.

Coil and ammeter with magnet stationary inside it, showing no current flowing in the coil.Now the magnet is stationary inside the coil.

There is no current being produced in the coil, shown by the zero reading on the ammeter

Coil and ammeter with magnet being pulled out of it, showing current produced in opposite direction.Finally the magnet is being pulled out.

The ammeter shows current being induced in the opposite direction to before.

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