GCSE Physics

The Venturi Showerhead

How Science Works

"Science attempts to explain the world in which we live. It provides technologies that have had a great impact on our society and the environment. Scientists try to explain phenomena and solve problems using evidence. The data to be used as evidence must be reliable and valid, as only then can appropriate conclusions be made."
AQA GCSE Physics Specification

Here's a story that shows how science can be made to work to our advantage.

Andrew notices that his shower head has sprung a leak. It can't be repaired, so he uses the internet to find a replacement shower head. He is hoping to be able to find one which uses less water, yet remains effective at washing. Using less water also means less energy is needed to heat it.

He finds a number of water-saving shower heads. Nearly all work by restricting the flow. Andrew is worried that such a device might not please his wife, whose long hair needs an effective shower. He finds an aerated one that claims to offer the following features:

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