GCSE French Listening & Responding Tips

GCSE French

If the question is in English, give your answer in English.
If it's in French, give your answer in French.

Check that the answers you give make sense.

Make sure that you answer the question that you have been asked!
After writing an answer, go back and read the question again.

If a question asks "quand?" give a time or a date.
If a question asks "qui?" give a person.

Even if you have understood the answer the first time you hear it, listen carefully when the extract is repeated to check your answer.

The listening exam is a test of your ability to understand the foreign language. You will not lose marks for incorrect spellings or grammar; just make sure that a French person could understand your answers.

Don't leave blanks. If you really can't understand what's been said, jot down a word or some of the words you've heard.

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