Speaking: Conversation Tips

GCSE French

If the question is in English, give your answer in English.
If it's in French, give your answer in French.

Speak clearly and loudly.

Listen carefully to the question. Work out whether the question asked uses the present, past or future tense so that you use the same tense in your answer.

Give a reason or an opinion wherever possible - don't just answer "yes" or "no" - oui ou non.

Say lots! If asked about what you do at weekends for example, say at what time, who with, how often and where you do things, how you travel, what time you go to bed or get up on Sundays, what you like eating, whether you watch TV, etc.

Try to make your answers colourful - as interesting as possible!

Use adjectives and adverbs.
"La ville est très grande et trop polluée. J'y vais très peu."
"The town is very big and too polluted. I go there very little".

The conversation is your chance to show what you can do.

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