GCSE French

The Future Tense

When to use it: to describe what will or shall happen at a certain time in the future.

How to form it: there are two parts - (i) the future stem and (ii) the future endings.

Forming the stem

For regular -er and -ir verbs use the infinitive as the stem and just add the appropriate ending depending on what is doing the verb:
e.g. je regarderai, nous écouterons, ils finiront.

For regular -re verbs drop the -e from the end of -re to form a stem:
e.g. il vendra.

Future endings

The endings of future tense verbs always follow the same pattern:
je ... -ai
tu ... -as
il/elle ... -a
nous ... -ons
vous ... -ez
ils/elles ... -ont

Handy tip: notice that the endings are the same as the present tense of the verb avoir, except for nous and vous forms.

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