GCSE French

More on the Present Tense

There are also regular -ir verbs and regular -re verbs. The endings of these words also follow a pattern:

-ir verbs
finir = to finish
je finis = I finish
tu finis = you finish
il finit = he finishes
elle finit = she finishes
nous finissons = we finish
vous finissez = you finish
ils finissent = they finish
elles finissent = they finish

-re verbs
perdre = to lose
je perds = I lose
tu perds = you lose
il perd = he loses
elle perd = she loses
nous perdons = we lose
vous perdez = you lose
ils perdent = they lose
elles perdent = they lose

Unfortuantely there are also many irregular present tense verbs which do NOT follow a pattern...

You should learn the common irregular verbs. Use a verb table in a French dictionary to help you with the less common irregular verbs.

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