GCSE German

Reading Exam: Longer Texts

Down to business!

There is no doubt about it. A full page of written German looks pretty scary! Cast aside your doubts; you can do this!

Skim read the whole text to get an idea of what is going on. Look out for key words. YOU DO NOT NEED TO UNDERSTAND EVERY WORD!

Now look carefully at the questions. Underline each question word to remind yourself what you are looking for.

Make a note in the margin if you spot a past tense or future tense.

The questions will probably be in the same order of the text. Read the first question. Read the first paragraph. Aha! There is the answer!

You don't necessarily need to write in full sentences - just answer the question:

e.g. Um wie viel Uhr beginnt die Schule? Um 8 Uhr.
(What time does school start? At 8 o'clock.)

Never copy out chunks of text and hope that the answer will be in there somewhere. Always give a specific answer.

If the question is the past tense, make sure your answer is too:

e.g. Was hat er nach der Schule gemacht? Er hat Tennis gespielt.
(What did he do after school? He played tennis.)

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