GCSE German

Speaking: Higher Roleplay Tips

Time to show off!

At Higher level, you may be asked to respond to something you have not prepared. This is often marked by an exclamation mark ! on the rôle-play card.

Listen carefully to what the teacher says next. It will almost certainly be questions you may be able to anticipate in advance. He/She may be asking you to:

EnglishGermanEnglish Translation
... give your surname:Wie heißen Sie mit Familiennamen?What is your surname?
... spell your name:Wie schreibt/buchstabiert man das?How do you spell that?
... give your address:Wie ist deine Adresse?What is your address?
... give your phone number:Wie ist deine Telefonnummer?What is your phone number?
... state future plans:Was machst du nach dem Film?What are you doing after the film?
... describe something:Wie sieht der Koffer aus?What does the suitcase look like?
... give further details:Wo spielst du Tennis und mit wem?Where are you playing tennis and with whom?

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