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Modal Temperatures

Sean asked the following:

We have a record of temperatures and we are asked to find the MODAL TEMPERATURES. Any help would be great.

Thanks for this, Sean! The word MODAL refers to the mode, which is a type of average of a set of numbers.

So, for instance, you could have a set of peak temperatures for a month, and what you're asked for is the mode (or the modal temperature). The mode, as you can see from our tutorial, is the most common of a set of numbers.

There can be more than one mode, so if 20°C was the peak temperature on 5 days, and 22°C was the peak for another 5 days, then you have what's called a bimodal set of numbers. More than 2 modes and it's a multimodal set.

Click on the tutorials link below to learn more about averages. Good luck!

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