GCSE Maths

Volume Answers


Let's see how you got on:
  1. What is 4 m³ in dm³?
    There are 1,000 dm³ per m³ so the answer is 4,000 dm³
  2. How many litres of wine will fit inside a barrel of 0·75 m³?
    1 litre is 1,000 cm³. 1 m³ is 1 million cm³, so the answer is 750 L.
  3. A box has an area of 40 cm² and volume 600 cm³. How tall is it?
    Its volume = area × height, so height = 600 ÷ 40 = 15 cm

You will need to learn the different formulas required to find the volumes of different shapes.

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