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Coursework on a PC

Writing your coursework on a computer is a good idea. Even so there are still some things better done by hand, unless you're an expert...

Do it by hand

Unless you're an expert, the chances are that a hand-drawn graph will take you less time to do. Experience shows that you'll also remember to put a heading and axes labels on it, so will end up with more marks!

Diagrams that you draw in Paint are naff, even if you spend hours over it. Don't bother: draw them in by hand. On a separate sheet of paper if necessary. Just don't waste time.

This also prevents what can be a huge problem: your embedded diagram of a test-tube rack—that you took 3 hours to draw—makes your coursework file bigger than a floppy disc...

One thing though; type the words put diagram in here in the space where you want it. Experience shows that too many of you forget...


Use a bold font for headings, not too fancy. Arial bold looks professional every time. Please don't underline headings.

Alter the page layout so your margins are smaller. This saves paper and means you can use a larger (more readable) font. You might like to increase the linespacing to 1.5 lines, as this makes is easier to read and annotate. This means it's easier to mark.


Too many pupils struggle to get coursework in by a deadline for the simple reason that they have been unable to print it out! Make sure you have access to a good printer, with enough ink and paper. What is the use of a laptop that cost you £800 if the £30 printer doesn't work?

Saving Safely

Save your work regularly—you never know when there's going to be a powercut! Use the auto-save feature of your software to help you.

Make a copy of your work on a floppy or USB stick if you can. Don't rely on your computer always working. They do go wrong...


If there's one thing that most people forget to do, it's spell checking! Computers can read every word you type, so always run the spell checker before you print your final version. There are bound to be one or two mistakes...


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