Physics Formulas:
Gravitational Potential Energy


The questions on this page test your ability to use the formula:

Change in GPE = mass × gravity × change in height

You may also wish to learn the formula in characters:

GPE = mgh

GCSE Physics

Question 1

A boy has a mass of 55 kg.
He climbs 12 m up a tree.
What is his gain in GPE?

[Earth's gravity = 10 N/kg]

GCSE Physics

Question 2

An owl has a mass of 4 kg.
It dives to catch a mouse losing 800 J of GPE.
How high was the bird to begin with?

GCSE Physics

Question 3

An astronaut has a total mass of 110 kg.
On the moon, he climbs into his spacecraft, 5 m up a ladder.
His GPE increases by 880 J.
What is the strength of gravity on the moon?

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