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Latin: non sequitur

Although not an abbreviation, people who think they're clever use this far too frequently. Don't look blankly back at them: understand what they mean!

The expression non sequitur literally translates as "it does not follow" and is sometimes used to indicate that an illogical conclusion has been made from something!

e.g. Dan says it takes 2 men a day to dig a well.
Pete says that it would take 4 men 2 days!
Dan says this is a non sequitur.

a.m. & p.m., cf., e.g., et al., etc., i.e., N.B., P.S., Q.E.D., q.v., viz.

Non abbreviated:
ad hoc, de facto, modus operandi, non sequitur, pro rata, quid pro quo, sic, vice versa.

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