GCSE German

Speaking - Your Family

Fresh air!

Candidates tend to breathe a sigh of relief if this topic comes up in the speaking exam! Let's try to prepare some interesting answers and use some ambitious vocabulary.

What you might hear: Beschreibe deine Familie! (Describe your family.)

What you should think: Phew!

Take control of the conversation straightaway. You are on safe ground.

"Es gibt vier Personen in meiner Familie."
(There are four people in my family.)
is a good opening statement.

Now take each family member one at a time and aim for the following:
Name + age + appearance + character.

"Meine Mutter heißt Anna. Sie ist vierzig Jahre alt. Sie ist ziemlich klein und hat lange blonde Haare und grüne Augen. Sie ist immer freundlich aber manchmal ungeduldig."
(My mother is called Anna. She is 40 years old. She is quite small and has long blonde hair and green eyes. She is always friendly but sometimes impatient.)

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