GCSE German

Speaking - Where You Live

So much to say!

In the Speaking Exam you will almost certainly be asked the question:

"Wo wohnst du?"
(Where do you live?)

There is a simple way to answer it of course:

"Ich wohne in Thrapston."
(I live in Thrapston.)

There's nothing wrong with the answer but we can do much better! There is ample opportunity here to add lots of details and to work in the past tense:

e.g. "Ich wohne in Thrapston in der Nähe von Kettering."
(I live in Thrapston near Kettering.)

"Ich wohne hier seit elf Jahren."
(I have lived here for eleven years.)

"Früher habe ich in Wellington gewohnt."
(I used to live in Wellington.)

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