GCSE English

There, their and they're


The longest of these (they're) is the easiest not to get wrong. The apostrophe indicates that a letter is missing, in this case a:

They're = they are
e.g. They're going to the club.

Sign on display at a church hall. There are actually two errors with their English! Can you spot them? Their is a possessive word that shows ownership of something.
e.g. Their house isn't as big as ours.

There is a word with many uses, indicating a place or position.
e.g. My new Honda Insight is over there. There is a cat on its roof.

In this example the word there takes two subtly different meanings.

QUESTION: Can you see what's wrong with the wording in the photo above?

Advice and advise
Affect and effect
Bought and brought
Complement and compliment
Discreet and discrete
Hear and here
Its and it's
Lead and led
Less and fewer
Licence and license
Loose and lose
  Plane and plain
Poor, pore and pour
Practice and practise
Principal and principle
Sort and sought
Stationary and stationery - new!
There, their and they're
Threw, through and thorough
To and too
Warn and Worn
Whose and who's
Your and you're

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