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    THIS IS LEGACY MATERIAL - the science is correct but the marks no longer apply!

    Up to 8 marks are available for analysing results from your practical investigation.

    As with the other 3 areas of assessment, the criteria you have to meet are hierarchical - you must achieve the lower marks before you can be awarded marks higher up.

    The Analysing Criteria

    The table below indicates the criteria your work will be marked against. Failing to say anything at all about your results would mean that you could not score A.2a, and as a result would score zero for the analysis.

    A.2a state simply what is shown by the evidence
    A.4a use simple diagrams, charts or graphs as a basis for explaining the evidence

    A.4b identify trends and patterns in the evidence

    A.6a construct and use suitable diagrams, charts, graphs (with lines of best fit, where appropriate), or use numerical methods, to process evidence for a conclusion

    A.6b draw a conclusion consistent with the evidence and explain it using scientific knowledge and understanding

    A.8a use detailed scientific knowledge and understanding to explain a valid conclusion drawn from processed evidence

    A.8b explain the extent to which the conclusion supports the prediction, if one has been made

    Writing Rubbish

    Most people find it easy to write rubbish. It's even easier to produce graphs that are rubbish as well! Your analysis must involve science if it is to score you marks, and that science must be correct most of the time.


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