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    THIS IS LEGACY MATERIAL - the science is correct but the marks no longer apply!

    Up to 6 marks are available for evaluating your investigation.

    As always, you must achieve the lower marks before you can be awarded marks higher up.


    Here you have to say something about how good your results were, as well as saying if any of them were anomalous.

    Basic comment about the results, including the mention of an anomaly.


    An anomaly is something that you don't expect; an irregularity. If you expect your results to follow a straight line, but one or two do not, they could be anomalies.

    Anomalies can happen for many reasons. In E.6a if you have any anomalous points, you need to account for them. Causes can vary from simply not measuring things properly, to another person knocking into your equipment without you knowing it.

    If you don't have any obviously anomalous points then say so. How to tell:

    • on your graph - is there a point well away from the general trend?
    • in your table - is there one result very different from the average?

    If there is an obvious anomaly on your graph, circle it, labelling it anomalous. If there is a result in your table very different to others, highlight it.


    Here you have to say good and bad things about your procedure and how you might alter it if you were to do the investigation again.

    Basic comment about the procedure, with some suggestions about improvements.

    Clearly if you planned a fantastic procedure, saying how you would change it is rather difficult! In this case, it's a good idea to say that nothing needs changing...

    Basic comment about an excellent procedure that doesn't need changing!

    Let's see what you need to get full marks:


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